Intervals are the most important tool you can use on the guitar.They can help you create your songs by using chords and scales.It is a good idea to understand the sound of each interval.I view the notes in music by 5 different levels or rather 5 different tools. I call this the Note Hierarchy.

1. Note: 1 pitch is played

2. Intervals: distance between 2 notes.

3. Arpeggios: single notes in a chord played individually.

4. Chords: notes played simultaneously

5. Scales: notes played in a linear fashion.

Studying and understanding these five topics is crucial for your success as a guitarists.All of these topics contain intervals. They build everything in music from chords to scales. So, today we are going to examine Intervals in detail. The building blocks of music are intervals. We will learn how, with just two notes, you can build and create endless music.

An interval is the distance between two notes.

C D E F G A B ( C to E is a Major 3rd)

I recently have started studying 3rds with a linear point of view. The major scale has 2 different types of thirds(Major,minor). I take the intervals and play them on 2 strings, in a line. For example, I can play on the 3rd and 2nd strings. Play  C,E then a D,F and so forth through the entire major scale. With the root note on top.

C,E (Maj 3rd) D,F (min 3rd) E,G (min 3rd) F,A (Maj 3rd) G,B (Maj 3rd) A,C (min 3rd)               B,D (min 3rd)

Playing these thirds in a linear motion is highly useful because you are playing the guitar like a piano. It will allow you to understand the guitar across the entire neck. Playing intervals in a linear motion will open your fingers to more melodic and interesting licks. Try to master the guitar in every key with thirds.

Thirds have either a very strong major sound or a very strong minor sound. Using these types of intervals on the guitar has an almost chord like approach.