As a guitarist, the piano has been the most helpful and useful instrument in my many years of playing music. The way the piano is set up helps other musicians to visualize music theory in a very simple way. Whenever I improvise on the guitar, the piano keyboard comes to my mind. I play guitar,but, I think piano!

“The piano is a universal instrument.If you start there,learn your theory and how to read,you can go on to any other instrument.” -Eddie Van Halen

This is true. I learned the guitar first,but, when I started learning the piano my whole world changed. I was able to understand music theory a lot faster than most because I was learning two instruments. It helped me understand the guitar and how to organize the notes on the instrument.The piano provides musicians with a birds eye view of how music works. You can see the function of chords,scales, and intervals more easily on the piano than on any other instrument.

  • The piano can help all students with memorization skills. Students have to memorize chords,scales and songs to play the piano. I do not believe that a student has to use standard notation to play the piano. Remembering how to play new songs is a great way to improve your memory.
  • The piano can help students both old and young to be creative.
  • Playing the piano can keep you relaxed and calm. There is nothing like coming home from a hard day and just sitting on the piano bench and playing.
  • You can use your talent to play in a band. I have played piano in a few different bands and it is fun to use that knowledge and put it to the test in a band.
  • Use piano theory to learn other instruments. The piano can help you learn other instruments quickly because of how the instrument is set up.

Music is a universal language. Learning multiple instruments can help you to be more fluent in the language of music.  If you don’t play the piano but have the desire to learn, start now! It is never to late to learn something new. The world of music is endless. There will always be something to learn.