The other day I was watching musical performances at a recital. It was fun watching all these people express themselves with music. It takes a lot of guts to get up in front of your friends and family and play your musical instrument. I noticed as each kid played there instrument, that all the performances were of just the melody only. I found it very interesting. I know that when you listen to a song that the melody is the “catchy” part of the song but, I felt like there was so much missing! There needs to be 2 components that interact with each other while performing music and they are the chords and the melody. You have to have each of these to perform music completely. although, there is nothing wrong with playing the melody of a song. The best way to translate a song while performing is to have chords and melody. They complete the music.


Chords are the basic structure of music. They are 3 or more notes played at the same time. Guitar chords help create songs. So many songs just use a few chords and that’s all they need. Jazz and classical songs use many chords to play the music. Chords are the foundation for the melody. Without it you will not have a complete song. Whenever I write a song on my guitar I first select a key,then, I choose my chords and I create my melody. Some people will create a song with the melody first and then create the chords. Either way is fine. But, Chords are an essential part in the songwriting and performing process.


Melody is the part of the song that sticks in your mind. It’s the part of the song that people remember. Understanding keys and what notes you can play in each key is a fundamental concept that helps you create the melody in your song. Learning scales on the guitar helps you to understand the collection of notes in keys. The FretDeck is going to help guitarist master these two concept. It will train musicians to understand keys and what chords and scales they will be able to play in each key.

The best way to learn these two concepts(chords,melody) is to experiment and create songs. It is good to listen and learn some of your favorite songs and “see” how other musicians create there own songs. Pick apart the melody and chords In your favorite songs and this will give you a good start. Chords and melody are the most important aspects of songwriting.