There are many advantages to learning guitar in group format. Traditional, one on one guitar methods will help you learn the guitar,but, learning with other musicians and guitarist will guarantee the best result. At times it is difficult to play the guitar by yourself. Playing a musical instrument is a social activity. You have more opportunities to learn when you play music with others!

When I first started learning the guitar It was a difficult process. Until my brother started playing the guitar with me. Now, both of us had the confidence and courage for learning the guitar. We were huge AC/DC fans and now that both of us were learning how to play the guitar we learned riffs and chords from Classic Rock music. We helped and motivated each other to learn the guitar.

I remember reading an interview of Eddie Van Halen. When we started playing the guitar, he would go to blues jam sessions and learn from great blues guitar players. Even, the best guitar players had to start somewhere! We learn best with others and by seeing others abilities.

What can you learn in group lessons?

There are many opportunities for musical knowledge when you watch and play with other people in real time. I believe that when you play music with others you can create an emotional connection with your instrument. You will have the ability to play with more emotion and feeling.


  • Learn new chord concepts ( progressions,extensions,etc.)
  • Learn new scales
  • Be challenged in creating new melodies and guitar riffs
  • Learn how to play with “feeling”
  • Learn how to play different rhythms and tempos
  • Communication
  • Learn how to play melodies over chord progressions

I personally have seen the benefits when you learn the guitar with other people. You have opportunities to learn faster when learning guitar in a group.