At Comstock Guitar Studio, We have been teaching  the FretDeck to our students! Our students are developing a solid foundation of music theory while they are learning and playing their favorite songs.

One of our students is learning how to play classic rock on the guitar. She likes to play music like Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin. She has been working on a few songs like “Wish You Were Here” and a classic Led Zeppelin blues song called “Bring It On Home”.

The most important thing that she is doing is practice! This is how you improve your guitar playing.

“Sometimes you want to give up the guitar, you’ll hate the guitar. But if you stick with it,you’re gonna be rewarded.”
-Jimi Hendrix

Another student is just starting to play and has learned very quickly. He took piano lessons before guitar and has learned concepts rapidly. He has been working on songs by Maroon 5 such as “Payphone” and “Sugar”. His fingers are very strong and he has no issues when pushing on the strings.

“I don’t have a very disciplined approach to practicing or anything, but, I do tend to have a guitar around most of the time,which I strum on most of the day.”
-David Gilmour

I tell all of my students all the time that the more you have your fingers on the fretboard the faster you will learn. You have to work to learn the guitar. You can’t take lessons from a teacher an expect to be an amazing guitar player. You have to practice on your own. My students know that I require them to practice. Check out my other blog post  about creating a good practice routine.