I teach my guitar students to understand the complete guitar. From chords, to scales on the fret board. The benefits of learning the fret board are extremely beneficial for any guitar player.

The first thing to do when you are learning the entire fret board is to understand the guitar by keys(ex. Key of C Major). Lets break down the key of C Major:

Key Of C:


These are the notes & chords that you can play on the guitar when you are playing in the key of C Maj.

Every single Major key has a set of 3 Major chords & 3 minor chords & 1 diminished chord.(See Below)

1=Major (name of key)







So, in the key of C Major the chords that we will be able to play are: C Major, D minor, E minor, F Major, G Major, A minor, & B diminished. Do you see how this system works? The numbers just correlate with the letters.

This pattern will enable you to write your own songs. You can think of keys as a “musical family”, each chord relates and sounds great when they are played together. Knowing how to play in every key will open up the fretboard and it will allow you to be more creative on the guitar. The ultimate goal for the FretDeck is to help guitarists to master the guitar in every key. When I play with other musicians I always ask “what key are you playing in?”From there I  have all my options on the table from chords to scales in the given key.I know what I have and I know how to apply the music!

If you are a beginning guitar player,take your time and learn the complete fretboard. Study what notes sound good with each other & Practice,Practice Practice! The longer  you have your fingers on the fretboard the faster you will understand.