I have been listening to a lot of Pink Floyd lately. One of my favorite albums by them is “Wish You Were Here”. I like the way this album starts out. As I was playing my guitar I decided to use my FretDeck prototype to learn this song. I first established what key the song was written in,which is G minor. Knowing this information is very important when you use the FretDeck, because the FretDeck is written in keys. Once I knew that we were playing in G minor I was able to have access to the scales that are in the key of G minor.

A quick method to finding what key you are playing in is to take 3 notes on the 3rd,2nd & 1st strings and play a barre over the three strings. This creates a minor chords with the 3 strings and it will help you hear what key you can play the minor Pentatonic scale( the 3 notes are part of the minor Pentatonic scale)

After I found the key I started learning the basic scale patterns related to the key of G minor( by the way, the key of G minor and A flat Major are the same key). Once I learned the scales I was able to easily listen and learn the riffs that Pink Floyd played on the song ” Shine On You Crazy Diamond”.

The FretDeck was designed to help guitar students pick apart classic rock songs. Classic rock is a great genre to learn songs on the guitar. When students use the FretDeck they will establish practice routines that they can use on an everyday basis. You can then, apply these routines to classic rock.