Learn guitar fast

In order to learn guitar fast, students must complete a 2 part process. The first part is understanding fundamental music theory concepts and the second part is practicing those concepts on the instrument. You will not learn the guitar fast if you ignore either of these principles. They both need to be functioning at the same time.

Understanding Fundamental Music Theory Concepts

Music theory is essential. I am going to say that again, music theory is essential. Many guitar players will tell you otherwise. Let’s just say this, music theory enables us to create. It is a force that has already existed that we can reshape and reform to create our own music. Theory is the building blocks that create music. We would be very wise to learn how it all works. I know that for most it is a daunting task to learn music theory. Start simple. For example, learn the relationship between keys and chords. The FretDeck teaches this and will help you to have a basic understanding of theory. This will help you learn guitar fast.

Understanding the structure of music is very beneficial. Now, I am not referring to standard notation. I personally do not use standard notation in my daily practice routine. I simply understand how the circle of fifths functions. I have told my students recently that the 3 most important topics to study are:

  1. Keys
  2. Chords
  3. Scales(Pentatonic system and Major system)

Learn guitar fast with music theory!

Practicing Theory On Your Instrument

How are you going to practice music theory on the guitar? Let’s take scales for example. Understanding how a scale functions & the placement on the fretboard is critical. Let’s take the key of C Major for example. In order for us to understand how to play “in the key of c”, we need to understand where to place our scale. The FretDeck goes into more detail about this. So in order for us to place a C major pentatonic scale on the fretboard, we need to know which fret this scale starts on.(C major pentatonic scale is played on the 8th fret) This is just one of many examples of how to use the music theory you learn and put it on the fretboard.

Another method of applying and practicing music theory is chords. You can change the chord quality on your chords. Let’s take an A minor chord for example. To add some more “color” to this chord you can simply make it into a min 7th chord. I practiced chord progressions with one of my students the other day and we took a 6-2-3 minor chord progression and altered the chords like so:


we converted the progression to this:


This new chord progression made the chords sound a little more Blues/Jazz. This new chord progression sounds great over pentatonic scales.

So, understanding fundamental music theory concepts coupled with Practicing those concepts will help students learn guitar fast! The FretDeck helps students learn guitar fast.