The minor Pentatonic scale is,in my opinion the most versatile scale on the guitar. It is probably the first scale guitarists learn on the guitar. The cool thing about this scale is that you can use it in a variety of genres. Rock,Country,Blues,Pop. You can also sound great playing an A minor Pentatonic scale over any chord progression. Whether you are playing basic chord shapes or Maj. 7 chords, you will sound awesome as you improvise with this essential scale. Let’s take a look at the structure of a minor Pentatonic scale.

We will first lay down the notes of a C Major scale. From the Major scale we can create a minor Pentatonic scale:


1 2 3 4 5 6  7

Similar to the Major Pentatonic scale,the minor Pentatonic scale only uses 5 notes. In the key of C Major we can play an A minor Pentatonic scale. So, we will find the  “A” note within the Major scale above. The “A” note is located on the 6th degree. We will create our Minor Pentatonic scale from here. Please note, when we start on the “A” note or 6th degree, we are using the relative minor note in the given key(C Major/A minor)

The minor Pentatonic scale looks like this:


6 1  2 3  5

Practice playing these notes on the guitar. The minor Pentatonic scale sounds great over a min. 7th chord.

In conclusion, the minor Pentatonic scale is a highly effective scale for guitar players. Many songs and guitar solos have been written by using a minor Pentatonic scale. In my personal guitar experience I have used the minor Pentatonic scale more than any other scale or mode on the guitar. You can create “catchy” riffs and phrases with this scale. The best thing to do when you are learning scales is practice and then apply the scales to the music and key that you are playing in. Good Luck!