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FretDeck is a deck of cards that teaches guitar players how to master the fretboard. It also helps guitarists learn how to create their own songs. The FretDeck will help anyone with a guitar, master the instrument and to play freely across the fretboard.

The FretDeck is made of casino quality 310 gsm poker cards. Each FretDeck comes with a plastic case to help keep the cards in one place.


1 review for The FretDeck

  1. Blake Chamberlain

    Impressed with how easy it is to teach yourself with this tool. I had taken lessons when I was younger, but struggled to grasp critical concepts that are necessary to developing as a guitarist. After just 1 lesson from an instructor using this teaching method, the improvement was dramatic. I know there are many great methods out there, but this one works for me and the way that I learn.

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