As a guitar instructor this is the question I get asked the most. My response is usually “what kind of music do you like?” Going to the guitar store can be overwhelming because there are so many guitars to choose from. I am going to talk about three types of guitars today and hopefully it will help beginning guitarists to see the difference.

Acoustic Guitar

The acoustic guitar is  very popular to play these days. They are easy to carry around and travel with. You don’t need an amplifier to play with an acoustic guitar. Many musicians who sing and play the guitar tend to play an acoustic guitar.This type of guitar is great for songwriting. Acoustic guitars use steel strings.

Classical or Nylon Guitar

The classical guitar is a great guitar to begin with. The strings are nylon,so, they have a softer tone and they are easy on your fingers. This type of guitar has a smooth and mellow tone. The fretboard is wider than an acoustic fretboard,so, keep this in mind if you have small hands.

Electric Guitar

The electric guitar is very popular as well. This type of guitar is used in rock,blues,country,pop music. You can create many different types of sounds on this guitar. In order to play the electric guitar you will have to purchase a guitar amp. The amp will also determine the sound of the electric guitar. You can also hook up foot pedals and effects to the guitar. Some popular electric guitar brands are Fender and Gibson.

As a serious guitarist, I use all three types of guitars in the music that I play. Each guitar has its own techniques and styles. This is why I always ask my students “what kind of music do you like?” Because it may determined me the type of guitar that you purchase.